Your business generates large amounts of data every day.

Each time one of your team follows up with a customer, or negotiates with a prospect, they learn something valuable for your business.

It may be simpler to store everything into notepad, or office documents, but your data will be stored in different places, it will not be 100% accurate or up-to-date, and vital information might be lost when an employee leaves.

You can't answer questions like: how can I analyze my sales team's performance?
Or how to create a report that compares my sales this year and last year?

Everyone wants their business to grow, but company that does nothing to centralize and organize its customers’ data, cannot succeed.

With SalesPro CRM (Customer Relationship Management) your customers’ data goes into the same place, and everyone on your team can access it.

Whether you’re in your office, home or abroad, you can monitor your sales process or the performance of your staff.

What is SalesPro CRM?

SalesPro CRM is a customer relationship management solution, allows businesses to:

Automate Sales, Marketing and Customer Support.

Manage Contacts, Accounts, Sales Leads, Products/Services, Vendors and Partners.

Track Tasks, Activities, Events.
.. And much more

Why choose SalesPro CRM?

Whether you’re launching a new business, or need a solution to help grow revenue.

With SalesPro CRM you can:

  • Improve the relationship with your existing customers.
  • Find new sales prospects.
  • Take full control over your business to manage it effectively.
  • Share contacts, accounts, documents, activities and reports.
  • Customize to match your business's exact needs.
SalesPro CRM is as easy to use as social media, without reducing any of the technology's power.
Affordability is a big concern for startups and small businesses. SalesPro CRM fit your budget appropriately.
SalesPro CRM is built on a flexible and customized platform to fit your unique business needs.

SalesPro CRM Features

We give you the perfect tools to mange the relationships with your customers.

  • SalesPro CRM allows your employees in multiple departments to understand customers’ needs and behaviors.
  • SalesPro CRM includes key features like Leads (Potentials), Contacts, Accounts, Vendors, Products/Services, Tasks, Reports and Activity Management.

Leads Management

Marketing campaigns, promotions, and exhibitions are the primary steps to find and attract new customers.
Manage and track your new prospects, because every lead can be a new opportunity for your business.

Contacts Management

Contacts are the power of your business.
Track everything about your contacts, from phone numbers, email address, attached documents and meeting notes.

Accounts Management

Manage the process of sales to company, organization that has many contacts and departments.

Vendors Management

Vendors include companies, people, from which your business gets products and services.
Track your vendors' information, including contacts and communications

Products/Services Management

Services and Products are the backbone of your business.
Create products to generate sales quotes, marketing campaigns.

Activities and Tasks

Track your customer communications, like notes, emails, phone calls, appointments.
Assign your own tasks, reminders, schedule business meetings and organize the next steps you need to take.


Generate reports and charts to give you a perfect picture of what's going on in your business anytime.

User Settings

Each user can set up time zone, change language and edit personal details, reset password and much more.

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